Become a technologist.

The mind is everything
     What you think, you become
- Buddha

Our Syllabus

The web is born in code: no matter how impressive the design, no matter how good the device, without HTML, CSS and JavaScript, sites cease to exist.

The best kind of learning is learning by doing. The maximal level of performance for individuals in a given domain is not attained automatically as a function of extended experience, but the level of performance can be increased even by highly experienced individuals as a result of deliberate efforts to improve. At Golden State we believe that the most effective learning requires a well-defined task with an appropriate difficulty level for the particular individual, informative feedback, and opportunities for repetition and corrections of errors.

Below is presented a list of topics our coursework includes:

The Basics

  • Being a Developer
  • UI module orientation
  • Introduction to HTML

Getting Started

  • HTML deep dive
  • Intro to CSS
  • DOM and the new CSS3

Web App Kick-off

  • Key topic review
  • Web App project prep
  • Preprocessors

Intro to Javascript

  • Javascript basics
  • Data types and operators
  • Scope and the keyword "this"


  • Process flows and conditional logic
  • Loops, functions and methods
  • Event handling

Events & Errors

  • Javascript deep dive
  • Try/catch and error handling
  • Event listening and propagation

Interacting with HTML

  • DOM manipulation
  • HTML5 APIs
  • Animations and SVG

Working with Services

  • AJAX and JSON
  • RESTful web services
  • Working with JSON

Code Structure

  • Namespacing
  • Closures
  • Popular design patterns

jQuery Library

  • Intro to jQuery
  • Hot built-in functions
  • jQuery vs Javascript
  • About functional Programming

Greatest Hits

  • Recap of past sessions
  • Project wrap up
  • Code Assignment


  • Miscelaneous topics
  • Students Project presentation
  • Q&A