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UI Web Developer

This 12-week independent study certificate course includes hands-on training with the latest web technologies. Instructed by senior Silicon Valley programming professionals, students learn critical programming skills and create websites using the latest web development technologies. Students also receive career coaching and access to private, online support communities.

Web Content Manager

Students gain hands-on experience by working on a variety of websites, using a variety of different content management systems, including, but not limited to, WordPress, Squarespace, WIX, and AEM. In addition to standard content updates, students are trained in basic HTML, XML, CSS, and Javascript. Mentorship program for getting a job and ongoing on-the-job support available.

Salesforce Professional

Lecture on all critical areas required to understand and navigate the Salesforce platform. Mentorship and demos on how to quickly identify solutions using search engines and online communities. In addition to curated Salesforce Trail assignments, students have the opportunity to work with a team to do real-life implementations of the subject matter presented each week.


Courses focus on cutting-edge technologies, as well as, tried and true backend infrastructure and design patterns. We teach and implement best practices using the latest UI frameworks, best-in-class Dev tools, including IDEs, version control, code review apps, CI, and data management solutions. We also train our students to work with the most popular project management software and collaboration tools.


Golden State instructors are senior Silicon Valley programming professionals commanding the highest salaries. They actively work as computer programming experts for companies including, but not limited to: Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Cisco, Netflix, and Ebay.


Our expert career counselors guide students on the path to a successful career in technology. Graduates learn to master resume writing and interviewing. We utilize experienced recruiting partners, so that graduates acquire strategic positions with the highest salaries.

What We’re About

We are dedicated to the education and career success of our students. We specialize in teaching students with no IT background to be proficient technology professionals. How do we do it? We draft senior IT professionals who work at top tech companies in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area as instructors. We then utilize a revolutionary teaching methodology, combined with top-tier training, career mentorship, and an ongoing, on-the-job support system. Our program is designed to show students how to succeed in learning technology and to excel in their careers.

It's amazing how much I learned! Not only did I learn the skills to get a programming job, I learned how to live better. And, I met so many cool people along the way. - Fumito
Thanks Golden State, you really helped me take a big step up in my career as a front end developer. I think what I learned most was about possibilities and options in life. - Conner
The earnest support I received at Golden State helped me break through my mental barriers and made me believe that I can do it. It’s not just a tech school, it’s a life changing experience. - Kristina